My Pro-Tec helmet makes me feel more secure and safer when skiing off piste especially when near rocks.
Becky Gilliam

I have worn snowsports body armour for 5 years now and wouldn’t put my skies on without it. It has saved me from injury on several occasions allowing me to get the most of my ski time, I feel naked without it!
Hugh McCurrich

My Pro-Tec helmet looks good, I like the feel of it and it keeps my head safe whilst boarding.
Ian Harris

I have received the back protector – it’s great, fits well and dead chuffed with it.
James Oldring

The body protector was well tested on 1st day use and they both survived!
Judith Childs

After 3 major spinal surgeries, my body protector helped me ski again with confidence and as an added bonus it kept me warm on the ski lifts. I had been sceptical about wearing it, but now I am a total convert!
Kate Weston

I bought my helmet at the beginning of last season, and skied everyday in it, I would feel strange without it now. It makes me feel much more confident and happier in all conditions and situations.
Lucy Haines

I broke two ribs in January 2007 and thought my ski holiday was out. But no, thanks to Treehouse and their marvellous RS2000 I was able to go off skiing to Zermatt at the end of February and felt warmer and safer than ever before. I have no hesitation in recommending their kind and helpful service.
Peter Crossley

Thank you so much for delivering my body protector so quickly. Excellent service.
Victoria Robbins

"Thanks very much.The  Pro-Tec Hip Pads arrived today and fit perfectly".  Julia Hume October 2010